Supervision and performance review

You are responsible for ensuring that employees in your unit are properly supervised and reviewed. Thoughtful, constructive performance review is important to employee morale and professional growth. Supervision and performance review work differently for different employee categories.

  • Supervisors should remember to review and approve CalTime records for applicable employees. This includes graduate student employees.
  • "Achieve together" is the campus framework for regular review of policy-covered staff employees.
  • Academic personnel review for ladder faculty is described in detail on the BMAP ("Berkeley Manual of Academic Personnel") website (behind CalNet authentication).
  • For other academic appointees, the Academic Personnel Office "Checklist" website is a good place to find forms and other relevant information, including the new requirements governing excellence reviews for Unit 18 lecturers.
  • Information about unions, associations, bargaining agreements, and labor relations for represented employees, including academic student employees, can be found on the Labor Relations website.