2015 TDI program

UC Berkeley is pleased to announce a program that will add a total of nearly $3M to the salaries of ladder faculty who are selected for Targeted Decoupling Initiative awards. These salary increases will be effective retroactive to July 1, 2015.

The 2015 TDI Program document describes the eligibility and selection criteria as well as the selection and review process. It concludes with some FAQs.

The selection and review process will be supported through the use of several templates. To submit their TDI plans, deans will use a Dean’s TDI Nominee Summary Sheet and a Dean’s TDI Recommendation for an Individual Faculty Member. (Please note that deans of colleges and divisions will begin work on their plans by having confidential consultations with their department chairs.) Once a decanal plan has been approved, salary increases will be formally implemented through submission in APBears of a Departmental Recommendation Form for each faculty member receiving an award.

Questions concerning this program may be directed to appolicy@berkeley.edu.