2017 Salary Study

This web page provides links to Berkeley’s 2017 Report on faculty salary equity, along with supporting appendices.  This is an update of the 2016 Report.

We warmly welcome your comments and suggestions; please send them to appolicy@berkeley.edu.

2017 Faculty Salary Equity Report.  Here you will find the complete 2017 update in a single PDF.  Links internal to the document will allow you to navigate among its three sections:

Section 1 is an executive summary.

Section 2 provides detailed findings, updated for 2017.

Section 3 provides updates on the recommendations presented in the 2015 report.

Appendix A provides the technical discussion of the study’s methodology that was prepared in 2015.

Appendix B provides detailed information, prepared in 2015, about the data used in the study.   

Appendix C presents regression tables for the 2017 findings.