Salary Study 2015

This web page provides links to Berkeley’s 2015 report on its faculty salary study, along with supporting appendices and other related documents.  A joint Senate-Administration steering committee has overseen both the preparation of the report and the design of the underlying study.

The steering committee hopes that this study will mark the beginning of a new era of thoughtful engagement with issues of faculty salary equity at Berkeley, and that it will serve as a basis for fostering sustained and collective discussion and action.

2015 Faculty Salary Equity Report. Here you will find the complete report in a single PDF.  Links internal to the document will allow you to navigate among its five sections:

Section 1 is an executive summary. 

Section 2 provides a history of the study; a summary of salary policies and programs; and an account of evolving ideals of salary equity at UC Berkeley.

Section 3 describes the study’s data and methodology, and it presents the findings of regression analyses at the campus and unit levels, along with several sub-studies.

Section 4 discusses factors that might help to explain the findings of the study. 

Section 5 presents recommendations in three areas:  additional studies; new salary programs; and enhanced attention to support for the careers of all Berkeley faculty. 

Appendix A offers a technical discussion of the study’s methodology.

Appendix B provides detailed information about the data used in the study.   

Appendix C presents regression tables for the study’s findings.

You may also wish to consult several documents concerning earlier phases of the project:

The 2013 Plan was approved by the UC Office of the President.

The 2014 Interim Report was provided to Berkeley faculty and to the UC Office of the President.

2014 Q&A page responds to questions raised by readers of the 2014 Interim Report.