About the Academic Leaders Toolkit

The Academic Leader's Toolkit was created in summer 2022 as a refresh and rebranding of the earlier "Chair's Toolkit". Its suggestion box is curated by the Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Campus Welfare.

Below is a log of edits to the toolkit since its creation.

Change Date
Link to Supportal website added; information about UC Anti-Discrimination policy added 3/07/2024
Link to information about Labor Relations added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/supervising-and-supporting-your-people/supervision-and-performance-review 8/20/2023
Link to https://advisingmatters.berkeley.edu/ added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/academic-mission/advising-and-mentoring 3/11/2023
Links to the Abusive Conduct website, policy, and reporting portal added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/where-get-help-urgent-problem/harassment-discrimination-abusive-conduct and https://vpf.berkeley.edu/supervising-and-supporting-your-people/conduct-specific-policies 3/11/2023
Section on "grievances" added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/supervising-and-supporting-your-people/grievances 10/2/2022
Pointer to Mass Communication Guidance added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/getting-launched-academic-leader/platforms-and-websites 9/29/2022
"About the Academic Leaders Toolkit" added to Toolkit home page. 9/29/2022
Pointer to information about student credit hours added to https://vpf.berkeley.edu/budget-finances-strategic-planning/campus-resource-allocation 9/20/2022