Harassment, discrimination, abusive conduct

If an incident of harassment, discrimination, or abusive conduct comes to your attention, you'll want to know who to refer the matter to, for support and response.

  • For an incident of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship violence (SVSH), the SVSH "hub" website has rich information about where to refer a survivor for support, how to make a report to the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD), and how to respond to disclosures with care and concern.  As an academic leader, you are a Responsible Employee with reporting obligations for SVSH incidents.
  • For harassment or discrimination related to a member of a protected category (e.g., a racial/ethnic group, those with disabilities, religious affiliation), OPHD also has jurisdiction, and reports can be made (or will be referred) to their office.
  • For other disruptive or unwelcome workplace behavior that might violate the UC Abusive Conduct in the Workplace policy, you can report directly to the Abusive Conduct portal, which is overseen by the office of Employee & Labor Relations. Managers and supervisors have special reporting obligations under the policy.
  • For student conduct that is not SVSH, you can refer the matter to the Center for Student Conduct.
  • For other types of incidents, or if you just aren't sure, no worries: you can still report to either of the portals above or submit a report through the Whistleblower portal

Regardless of where you submit your report, it will be routed to the appropriate office.

  • If the incident involves a current threat to safety, you can also contact UCPD or call 911.

As an academic leader, you may be involved at points in the campus administrative response process, but it is not your responsibility to investigate allegations or to mete out justice. For more information, see the "Conduct and Misconduct" subsection of this toolkit.