Campus resource allocation

Understand how resources are allocated helps you in making the best case for what you need for your unit to be successful (and feel supported).

  • Space allocation is overseen by the Vice Provost for Academic Planning (VPAP). The VPAP website section on Space Planning is a great place to start in understanding resource constraints and request procedures.
  • Faculty FTE are allocated on an annual basis through the FTE request process. In certain circumstances, "off-cycle" FTE can be requested. The Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare, which oversees faculty recruitment, has a website with useful information.
  • Temporary Academic Support, which pays for GSI and contingent faculty (adjuncts and Unit 18 lecturers), is allocated centrally. The Chief Financial Officer's website offers general information about this process.  Details about how student credit hours are calculated are available on the VPAP website.
  • To learn more about graduate student funding, the Graduate Division's "Financial Support" website section Is a good place to start.
  • Learn about endowed chairs, for faculty, on this section of the Vice Chancellor of Finance website