Platforms and websites

Platforms for internal communication

  • CalMessages are a way of reaching the entire campus or a large subgroup, such as students or faculty. Only senior administrators may send CalMessages. You can access past CalMessages at the archive.
  • As a chair or dean, you can set up and curate mailing lists for your units using bConnected. It is important to know who the audience is for the messages that you send. It is also important to communicate norms and expectations around the use of such lists. If a list is used too much, or for non-academic purposes, you may choose to limit posting to the list, or to assign someone to moderate it.
  • Helpful guidance on avoiding spam triggers when mass-emailing can be found on the Mass Communication Guidance section of the Information Security Office website. 
  • Slack and Discord are examples of other platforms departments may use for internal communication. Similar considerations obtain. The way students, staff, and faculty use departmental-internal communication platforms has a major effect on academic department climate (for better or for worse). Third party communications platforms do not always achieve the levels of accessibility and privacy that are desirable for workplace communication.
  • You may find it useful to subscribe to Teachnet, a moderated mailing list for campus instructors to discuss teaching and other related topics.

Website and social media

  • Your department's website is an extremely important tool, and one you should prioritize for both internal and external communication of your department's values, programs, accomplishments, and current activities.

Using one of UC Berkeley's recommended website platforms helps ensure that your website is Berkeley-branded, accessible to users who use assistive devices, and compatible with campus privacy policies.

  • Many deans and department chairs also use social media for communicating about events or achievements. If you do this, make sure your social media accounts are carefully curated and kept up to date.