Frequently Asked Questions - Hellman Fellows Fund

Hellman Fellows Fund


Can childcare expenses be included in the budget?

Up to 5% of the proposed budget may be dedicated toward dependent care (child and/or elder care) expenses.

Is there a limit to the number of times an assistant professor can apply for the award?

Due to the limited funding available and the very high quality of proposals received, faculty are encouraged to apply again, if they are eligible. An individual may receive only 1 Hellman Award during their lifetime.

Can the award include salary for the PI?

Beginning FY 2019-20, the PI can receive 1 month summer salary (up to 19 days).

What is the duration of the award? Should the project/proposal budget be for one year or longer?

You should plan to expend your funds within a year. If an award recipient is unable to use the funds in one year, an extension for the continued use of the funds must be requested. Award recipients are required to spend all funds before their tenure case is approved, and to submit an updated timeline plan. The award cannot cover expenses retroactively.

How long should the proposal be? Should it include a budget?

Three pages maximum for the research proposal, plus one additional page that contains a brief budget. Any research-related expense, such as student assistants, equipment, or travel would be a legitimate expenditure. Travel expenditures should conform to systemwide and University policies (Travel Policy in a Nutshell).

What are the criteria for making the awards? Is the amount of current research support I already have taken into consideration when making award decisions?

Lack of current funding will be one of the criteria considered for awards, but the value of the research proposal itself is the more important criterion. Creativity and likely impact on the field is also considered.


What is the process for requesting an extension and/or budget change for the use of funds?

Requests for extensions and/or budget changes are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be sent to, and should include a brief justification for the request, and the following details:

  • how much funding has already been spent, and how it was used
  • how much funding remains
  • the plan and timeline for expending the remaining funds

How do I request reimbursement for dependent care expenses?

Please follow your department-specific process for general reimbursement requests, and include a note asking Accounts Payable to contact Central Payroll for imputed income processing. Be sure to include a receipt for the expense, plus your (redacted) award letters that indicate this is an allowable expense.

What are the reporting requirements?

A final report, including a financial report, will be do by September 30. In addition to reporting on your research progress, you should feel free to describe other ways in which your award has helped your academic career. Additional instructions will be provided to award recipients.