Department Mentoring Programs

College of Letters & Science


Mentoring Liaison: Laurie Wilkie, Chair


Mentoring Liaison: Joshua Goldstein, Chair

Earth and Planetary Science

Mentoring Liaison: Richard Allen, Chair


Mentoring Liaison: Shachar Kariv, Chair 


Mentoring Liaison: Timothy Hampton, Chair 

Gender and Women's Studies

Mentoring Liaison: Charis Thompson, Chair 


Mentoring Liaison: Niklaus Largier, Professor 


Mentoring Liaison: Mark Peterson, Chair 

Integrative Biology

Mentoring Liaison: Zack Powell, Professor


Mentoring Liaison: Barbara Spackman, Chair 

Mentoring practices are, for the most part, informal. Other than yearly meetings between the junior faculty members and the Chair, most mentoring takes place through informal conversations. There is a very active colloquium series and many social events. The Chair mentors Associate Professors by holding yearly meetings and occasional discussions with the Dean about their status and by providing a general climate of support and exchange.


Mentoring Liaison: Andrew Garrett, Professor


Mentoring Liaison: Alan Weinstein, Chair 

There is informal mentoring for the small number of faculty who are hired at the Assistant Professor level. Senior faculty act as advisors and advocates for the junior colleagues. In addition, the Chair serves to continually advise junior faculty concerning the tenure process at Berkeley. Finally, the Department's Teaching Committee provides peer visits to faculty to assist them with adjusting to the teaching culture here.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Mentoring Liaison: David Drubin, Chair & Nipam Patel, Chair and


Mentoring Liaison: Cindy Cox, Chair 


Mentoring Liaison: Hannah Ginsborg, Chair 


Mentoring Liaison: Frances Hellman, Professor


Mentoring Liaison: Steve Palmer, Professor

Psychology Junior Faculty Mentoring Program 


Mentoring Liaison: David Bates, Chair 


Mentoring Liaison: Mara Loveman, Chair and Professor


Mentoring Liaison: Michael Iarocci, Chair 

The department chair appoints a senior faculty member for each new junior faculty member. Senior faculty members provide guidance on matters of networking with colleagues inside and outside the department, supporting research in the broadest sense, understanding local academic culture, etc.

Haas School of Business

Mentoring Liaison: Ganesh Iyer, Professor

College of Chemistry


Mentoring Liaison: David Wemmer, Chair

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mentoring Liaison: Jeffrey Reimer, Chair

Graduate School of Education

Mentoring Liaison:

Graduate School of Education Faculty Mentoring Policy

College of Engineering


Mentoring Liaison: Teresa Head-Gordon, Professor 

All new faculty are assigned a faculty mentor. Mentors help integrate new faculty into the culture of the department and the campus and provide advice on all aspects of their professional development. Mentors help junior faculty to develop strategies to manage their time and balance their responsibilities in research, teaching, and service; introduce them to colleagues and potential collaborators; and provide some tips to navigating the complex Berkeley bureaucracy. Most importantly, mentors provide support and guidance during personnel reviews. 

Computer Science

Mentoring Liaison: James Demmel, Chair 

Electrical Engineering

Mentoring Liaison: Jan M. Rabaey, EE Division Chair

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Mentoring Liaison: Rhonda Righter, Professor

A climate of mentoring in which members of the department spontaneously and informally mentor new colleagues is fostered. Senior faculty members are encouraged to work with junior faculty resulting in much collaborative research. Weekly department seminars are organized by junior/senior faculty pairs, which provide an informal mentoring opportunity and help the junior faculty member establish ties to researchers outside of the university. The department chair also acts as an informal mentor, giving feedback on teaching and research.

Materials Science and Engineering

Mentoring Liaison: Mark D. Asta, Chair

College of Environmental Design


Mentoring Liaison: Tom Buresh, Chair

College of Natural Resources

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Mentoring Liaison: George Roderick, Chair

School of Optometry

Mentoring Liaison: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

School of Public Health

Mentoring Liaison: Please inquire with your department 

Goldman School of Public Policy

Mentoring Liaison: Steven Raphael, Professor

School of Social Welfare

School of Social Welfare Faculty Mentoring