The campus administration has been receiving requests to allow payment for research-related dependent care expenses. As part of the effort to create a family-friendly work place, and to allow faculty to fully engage in their research programs, the campus has developed procedures which support faculty who currently are unable to participate in out of town meetings and conferences due to the additional cost of providing dependent care. The attached documents describe the process for compensating faculty with allowable funding sources.

In order to avoid an unnecessary additional workload on contracts and grants administrators, we wish to make it clear this program applies only to funds that currently have budget allocations for such expenses or to future funds when requested from and approved by the funding agency.

Federal, state, and many private research funds do not allow such expenses to be charged to the grant. A few private foundation grants such as MacArthur and Packard Foundation grants may allow such expenses in their budgets. Therefore, if a faculty member asks staff to research their funding to see if these expenses are allowable, staff should limit their research to private foundation grants.

Questions can be addressed to the Academic Personnel Office at

UC Berkeley Dependent Care Travel Compensation Form

Dependent Care Travel Expenses