Should I reach out to potential nominees prior to submitting the nomination?
While units are generally advised to wait until their nomination has been approved before approaching the nominee, they may use their judgement about making earlier inquiries concerning a nominee's possible availability should a Lectureship be approved.

My department's nominee was approved, but he/she cannot come this academic year. Can his/her invitation be extended to the following year?
For budgetary reasons, the invitation for a Lectureship is valid only for the academic year for which it is issued. You are welcome to resubmit the application next year.

My department's nominee was approved by the committee, but he/she declined the invitation. Can my department invite someone else instead?
In the event that the nominee declines the invitation, the committee will select an alternate nominee in accordance with its established ranking. This helps to ensure that all units submitting strong nominations have a chance of success.